Independence Day OST 7 - Aftermath

Independence Day OST 7 - Aftermath

Artist David Arnold
Released 1996
Score #7
Extended Score #14

LaLaLand Records Score #12
Length 3:37
Label RCA Records
Produced by Dean Devlin

Aftermath is a musicfrom the Independence Day Score. It is the seventh song on the normal score and the fourteenth song on the extended score. It is played during five continuous scenes in the movie.

1. Russell and his son witness the many refugees after they stopped because Troy got sick.

Quote: I've been saying it for ten damn years, havn't I been saying it! - Russell Case.

2. The president in Air Force One as he feels guilty about the fact that he had not evacuated towns. H e is also worrying about his wife.

Quote: We could have evacuated the cities hours ago - Thomas Whitmore

3. As Jasmine Dubrow and her son Dylan find a way out of the tunnel.

Quote: What happened mommy... - Dylan

I don't know baby. - Jasmine

4. As the Black Knights are informed about the upcoming attack and as they prepare for it.


Steven Hiller: Are you scared man?

Jimmy Wilder: No.

Steven Hiller: You?

Jimmy Wilder: Nope.. Hold me!

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