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Air Force One is the official air traffic control call sign for a United States Air Force Boeing 747-2G4B aircraft used for carrying the President of the United States.


During the War of 1996, Air Force One was used to evacuate President Thomas Whitmore, his daughter Patricia and remaining staff (General William Grey, Albert Nimziki, Constance Spano), David and Julius Levinson from Andrews Air Force Base moments before Washington, D.C. was destroyed by a City Destroyer. The plane barely escapes from the ensuing devastation.

Thereafter, Air Force One became the de facto command center of the United States. The plane was initially destined for Peterson Air Force Base to relocate the President to NORAD. However, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex was destroyed shortly following the failed counterattack against the Harvesters.[1] Air Force One later redirected its flight to Area 51, where it remained there during the duration of the war.

Years after the invasion, Air Force One was updated with alien hybrid technology. Air Force One would once again evacuate President Elizabeth Lanford to Cheyenne Mountain during the second invasion.


Independence Day[]

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Air Force One was a four-foot model shot on a miniature runway setpiece representing Andrews Air Force Base, as well as via motion control against a bluescreen for shots involving the wall of fire in the city destruction scenes.
  • Scenes of Air Force One in the air with its escort jets are models that were suspended on fishing line in front of a ten-foot by eight-foot sky photograph and filmed with a drifting camera while the photo background was moved on a dolly.
  • Air Force One's landing on the ground at Area 51 was done in-camera by placing the model on a miniature runway piece in the foreground with the actual Utah airport location in the background.
  • Under US law, Whitmore's fighter jet in the July 4 counterattack should have had the Air Force One callsign, as it applies not only to the Boeing, but to any aircraft carrying the President.


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