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Alicia Casse is the daughter of Russell Casse and middle sibling of Miguel and Troy Casse


Alicia lived with her father and brothers in a camper in Imperial Valley California. On July 2, 1996, as the alien visitors began to arrive on Earth, Miguel prepared to leave the trailer park where they lived with Alicia and Troy, after their father Russell had been arrested by peppering city hall with leaflets regarding the aliens. As Miguel gathered his family together, Alicia was romantically approached by a teenage acquaintance who presumably also lived in the trailer park. The two shared an intimate moment in the boy's pickup truck in which he tried to coax her into sexual intercouse on the pretense that this could be their last night alive, and asking her, "You don't want to die a virgin, do you?" The encounter was broken up moments later by an angry Miguel who brought her back to the camper, leaving the boy with a vengeful glare.

Later, as the family continued to flee from the City Destroyers, Alicia supported her brother Troy as he began to fall ill due to problems with his Adrenal Cortex. She became enamored with another teenage boy from their trailer group who brough the family Penicillin to help treat Troy's illness. Though the boy meant well, their attraction came much to Russell's annoyance. Later, as the family took refuge at Area 51 during the final attack against the City Destroyer, Alicia nervously approached the boy for intimacy, and even mirrored her former suitor word for word by claiming, "I don't want to die a virgin." The boy earnestly replied "If we do, we'll both die virgins, but a least we'll be together." This seemed to endear him to her even more, and she snuggled up to him.