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Bakari Umbutu was the twin brother of Dikembe Umbutu and the son of the National Republic of Umbutu ruler Upanga Umbutu.


Bakari fought in the Congo Ground War against the aliens immediately following in the aftermath of the War of 1996. He saved his brother Dikembe from alien soldiers when the latter made his long journey home. For months, he and Dikembe led the national army against the aliens until they were captured during a reconnaissance. He and Dikembe were held hostage by the aliens in order to draw out Upanga and kill him. When Upanga led his army to rescue his sons, Bakari managed to break himself and his brother free. Unfortunately, Bakari was fatally wounded by a stray bullet and died in Dikembe's arms.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Machetes don't jam or run out of ammunition. In some ways they work better than guns—there's a sort of seam in their armor—well, you'll learn. If I had tried to shoot it, I might have killed you."
―Bakari explaining on the usefulness of machetes.

"Papa is wrong. There is use in beauty, in creation. Leave this place, big brother. Go far away. Do what you were meant to do."
―Bakari urging his brother to follow his dreams.