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Charles "Charlie" Miller is a Earth Space Defense pilot and a friend of Jake Morrison.


Charlie was an orphan rendered in the wake of the War of 1996. Left without any relatives and friends, Charlie was left vulnerable by bullies until being befriended by fellow orphan Jake Morrison, who later acted as Charlie's surrogate brother.

Recollecting his life, he claimed that he was the youngest valedictorian in the academy and would go wherever he wished, but as Jake was the only family he ever knew, he followed him when he was reassigned to the ESD Moon Base as a Moon Tug pilot. He found the Moon Base's population of 36 women very limiting to his standards, although it's possible that they had rejected him first.

War of 2016

During the upcoming July 4th celebration, Jake and Charlie were tasked to install an energy cannon to the Moon Base. While Charlie was ranting, he neglected the controls, and their tug collided with the cannon, causing it to lose its balance and lean towards the base. Jake made an improvisational maneuver that pushed the cannon back in its place, and then took responsibility for Charlie's mistake.

Charlie later fell infatuated with Captain Rain Lao of the Legacy Squadron and tried to get her out for a date. However, his attempt to approach was interrupted by the arrival of an unknown alien ship. The alien ship was soon subsequently shot down by the ESD. Afterwards, Charlie participated with Jake in aiding ESD Director David Levinson and his colleagues in searching the alien ship's wreckage. The group discovered an intact container before they witnessed the arrival of a massive alien mothership.

Charlie and the group were caught in the mothership's gravitational pull and helplessly watched the mothership destroy the ESD Moon Base and Earth's planetary defenses. After their tug was brought to Earth and released from the mothership, Charlie and the others fled to Area 51.

After the mothership landed on earth, Charlie along with Jake, Dylan Hiller and Rain Lao participated in the ESD's assault on the mothership. He and the other surviving pilots wind up stranded inside the ship. After reuniting with Jake and the others, the survivors managed to escape the ship by hijacking alien fighters before flying to Area 51, where they arrive on time in helping ESD forces in killing the alien queen.

When witnessing Jake and Patricia Whitmore kissing together Charlie offhandedly ask Rain if they both could try that. To Charlie's surprise, Rain suggested going out for dinner before trying what Jake and Patricia had done.