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Compact Cable Corporation was a cable telecommunications company based in New York City. It was overseen by operations manager Marty Gilbert. David Levinson worked at Compact Cable as a satellite technician. During the War of 1996, Compact Cable was among the many cable companies suffering from interference caused by alien transmissions. The Compact Cable building was more than likely destroyed when the aliens blew up New York.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Compact Cable scenes were filmed at the Hughes Warehouse stages in Playa Vista, California. The set was heated by filming lights and the wall of monitors, coupled with no functioning air conditioning, caused the temperature to reach the high 90's.
  • The video wall, prior to Thomas Whitmore's address, is largely populated by international news reports. Fox's International Bureau provided several real news anchors reading prepared text that had been translated into local languages. Other screens display images as simple as a diamond ring on velvet, to suggest a shopping channel.