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Congo Ground War


July 1996 - August 2006


Central Africa


Umbutu/African Victory


National Republic of Umbutu
Other African states

Harvester remnants

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The Congo Ground War was an ongoing conflict with alien survivors on Earth after the War of 1996.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Although defeated in their attempted invasion of Earth, many Harvesters survived. Some managed to establish pockets of resistance against humanity, but were ultimately either eliminated or captured by human forces. The remaining aliens were neutralized within days in the United States and Europe, but it took several months for the resistance in other countries to be eliminated due to a lack of military power caused by the War of 1996. This proves especially true in the Congo, where the alien resistance fought for ten years before being defeated.[2]

In the breakaway nation of the National Republic of Umbutu, it was the only nation in which its isolationist government refused outside aid in eradicating the alien survivors in the country. Notably an intact City Destroyer landed in Umbutu. Although Earth's governments and the Earth Space Defense tried and failed to convince the NRU's dictator Upanga Umbutu to reconsider his stance, they were obligated to honor Umbutu's decree without being publicly tarnished as a colonizer. For over a decade, the remaining aliens in Umbutu tenaciously fought the nation's national army. But as the years went by the aliens became increasingly aimless and lacking any level of organization, and inevitably falling one by one to the NRU. The last remaining aliens were ultimately eradicated in 2006.[2]

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