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"See, now, it wasn't just my career. It was the biggest opportunity of my life. I wanted my life to make a difference. I wanted my life to mean something."
Constance to David.

Constance Spano (died 2009) was U.S. President Thomas Whitmore's White House Communications Director and wife of David Levinson. In 1999, Constance became a U.S. Senator of Nevada.[1]



Constance was friends with Thomas Whitmore during their time in Harvard University. While finishing her education, she first fell in love with David Levinson. The couple married after their graduation in 1986.[2]

Constance later pursued a career as a campaign staffer for Whitmore's first run for political office and subsequently as Whitmore's communications director, helping write speeches and coordinate press reactions. Over the years, Constance developed into the President's most trusted adviser.[3]

After her acceptance in Whitmore's campaign, Constance's marriage took a turn when she became dissatisfied with her husband's "unambiguous career aspirations." Due to her closeness to Whitmore, David falsely assumed Constance was having an affair with the President in which a physical altercation occurred between them, much to Constance's anger and embarrassment. This ultimately caused Constance to divorce David in 1993.

War of 1996[]

During the events of the alien invasion of 1996, Constance stuck close by the President and coincidentally her ex-husband. Constance initially dismissed David's warnings to leave Washington, D.C. until David finally traveled to Washington and explained to her about the aliens' hostile intentions for Earth. She then allowed David access to Whitmore and showed him the dire news. Constance escaped from the destruction of Washington on Air Force One and ended up at Area 51.

In the darkest hour of the invasion, Constance admitted to David that she never stopped loving him. When David proposed his plan to defeat the aliens, Constance voiced her disapproval of David volunteering himself to infiltrate the alien mothership. But her words did little to convince David to reconsider. Prior to the counteroffensive, Constance and David played witnesses at a hastily made wedding of Captain Steven Hiller and Jasmine Dubrow. It was during this wedding that she and David finally reconciled their past differences and reconnected.

Constance later helped in evacuating refugees into Area 51's underground facilities as American air forces battle a City Destroyer over the base. Following humanity's victory against the invaders, Constance was reunited with David following his and Hiller's return from destroying the alien mothership.


Within a year after the War of 1996, Constance decided to quit her job and became a Senator.[1] In 2009, Constance was tragically killed in a car accident.[1]


Memorable Quotes[]

"They're not attacking your policies, they're attacking your age."
―Constance sharing her concerns on Whitmore's public image.

"...addressing Congress, Whitmore seems less like the President and more like the orphan child Oliver asking, 'please sir, I'd like some more.'"
―Constance reading a newspaper article on President Whitmore.

"Well, the Orange County Dispatch has voted you one of the 10 sexiest men of the year."
―Constance telling a piece of good news to Whitmore.

"Our official position is we have no official position."
―Constance making up an excuse to White House aides.

"Well, in case you haven't noticed, we are having a little bit of a crisis here!"
―Constance arguing with David on the phone.

"Love was never our problem."
―Constance discussing with David on their relationship.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Constance was originally cast by Ally Walker.
  • Ironically, Margaret Colin went on to play the First Lady in the 2004 film First Daughter.