Constance Spano
Connie Portrait
Biographical Information
Name: Constance Spano
Status: Deceased[1]
Date of death: 2009[1]
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Career Information
Profession: Senator
White House Communications Director
Family Information
Marital status: Remarried
Spouse(s): David Levinson
Significant other(s): Julius Levinson (father-in-law)
Played by: Margaret Colin
First appearance: Independence Day
Last appearance: Independence Day: Crucible

Constance Spano (died 2009) was U.S. President Thomas Whitmore's White House Communications Director and wife of David Levinson. In 1999, Constance became a U.S. Senator of Nevada.[1]



She was married to David Levinson, but divorced him in 1993, due to his "unambiguous career aspirations." She then pursued a career as a campaign staffer for Thomas Whitmore's first run for political office and later as Whitmore's communications director, helping write speeches and coordinate press reactions. Over the years, Constance developed into the President's most trusted adviser.[2] Due to her closeness to Whitmore, David falsely assumed Constance was having an affair with the President in which a physical altercation occurred between them, much to Constance's embarrassment.

War of 1996

During the events of the alien invasion of 1996, Constance stuck close by the President and coincidentally her ex-husband, whom she allowed him access to Whitmore and allowing him to bring news of the aliens' hostile intent. She escaped Washington, D.C. on Air Force One and ending up at Area 51.

In the darkest hour of the invasion, she admitted to David that she "never stopped loving" him. Constance and David played witness to the marriage of Captain Steven Hiller and Jasmine Dubrow. She and David finally reconciled their past differences and reconnected.


Within a year after the War of 1996, Constance decided to quit her job and became a Senator.[1] In 2009, Constance was tragically killed in a car accident.[1]


Behind the Scenes

  • Constance was originally cast by Ally Walker.



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