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The ESD Spring Expo is an annual convention and exhibition which showcase alien/human hybrid technology developed by the Earth Space Defense.


The ESD Spring Expo was first held in 2004, in the months following the United States Army's adoption of alien weaponry, partly as an attempt to quell public reservations about the use of alien technology. The first expo became a success, and in the following years had developed into both a showcase of the latest advancements and a conference for the world's scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to gather together.[1]

The ESD Spring Expo held in Area 51 on April 27, 2007 became the site of a tragic event in which Colonel Steven Hiller, a war hero of the War of 1996, was killed while test piloting a prototype alien hybrid fighter. The event was heavily attended by the general public and the sight of the loss of one of Earth's heroes caused a major controversy surrounding the Lucas Jacobs administration for gross negligence for rushing the prototype hybrid fighter before it was ready.[1]

Despite of the 2007 disaster, the event had continued to grow, becoming truly international as representatives of every major and minor nations participated in the ESD Spring Expo, both as a public show of support and engagement and as a practical matter of sorting out priorities.[1]