Floyd Rosenberg
Floyd Portrait
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Career Information
Profession: Accountant
Family Information
Marital status: Single
Played by: Nicolas Wright
First appearance: Independence Day: Resurgence

Floyd Rosenberg is an American accountant who accidentally gets tagged along with ESD Director David Levinson to save Earth in 2016.


Floyd was a government comptroller appointed to David Levinson, who was not aware of him after Floyd have been "chasing [Levinson] across the planet for three weeks." He originally went with Levinson concerning on the ESD Director's travel expenses while in the National Republic of Umbutu. Initially, Floyd was unwilling to travel with Levinson to the Moon in order to uncover the wreckage of an alien ship, but quickly changes his mind rather than being left behind in Umbutu.

Upon arriving on the Moon, Floyd and his group witnessed the return of the aliens, and survived their hectic return to Earth and to Area 51. When the ESD proceeded their plan to attack the Harvester Mothership, Floyd observed the ESD fleet's departure in which he then realized how his life spent as an accountant was worthless and exhibited his frustrations by dumping his suitcase inside a trash can.

Floyd later went to observe Dr. Brackish Okun's efforts to unlock a container that was taken from the Moon wreckage. After Dr. Okun succeeded in opening the container which released a large spherical object, Floyd curiously touched the sphere and inadvertently activated it.

During the Second Battle of Area 51, Floyd took part in the defense, arming himself with a Hybrid Blaster and helping to keep the fighters at bay. He later aided Dikembe Umbutu in rescuing and then defending Doctor Okun and the Sphere. After the battle, Floyd wondered whether or not he gets to keep his weapon, and is commended by Dikembe who told him that he has the heart of a warrior.


Memorable QuotesEdit

This thing is way cooler than a machete!

- Floyd commenting on his blaster.


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