German flag
Type Federal parliamentary republic
Location West-Central Europe
Capital Berlin
Head(s) of State Helmut Kohl (ca. 1996)

Germany officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany is a country in Central Europe, bordering France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland. After instigating and losing the Second World War, the country was divided between the communist East and democratic West. Both countries were reunited in 1990, with Germany serving as the economic powerhouse of Europe.


During the War of 1996, an alien City Destroyer initially positioned itself over the German capital Berlin. Following the destruction of the city, and a failed counterattack by the Luftwaffe, the city ship proceeded in a counterclockwise pattern to destroy Hamburg and Frankfurt. During the July 4 counterattack, the German City Destroyer approached Munich and was intercepted by surviving German forces. Following the war, Chancellor Helmut Kohl joined President Thomas Whitmore and other European heads of state to move the world towards unity.[1]

Prior to joining the ESD, Patricia Whitmore attended school in Mecklenburg.[2]

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Director Roland Emmerich and several members of the production, including his sister Ute and effects artist Volker Engel, are natives of Germany. The Emmerichs themselves are from Stuttgart.
  • When explaining the countdown to Marty, David points to a news graphic that shows an alien ship over "Germany," whereas other European capitals are individually named. While a production goof, this can be explained in-universe as someone at the network mistakenly typing that in.


  • This page contains some real life information that is not reference in any media but is for the purpose of extended details.


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