The H-8 Global Defender is a hybrid aerospace fighter that was developed by the Earth Space Defense.

Design Edit

The Global Defender is equipped with hybrid anti-gravity fusion drives that are used for rapid acceleration in space. The Global Defender is armed with two underwing rapid-fire blaster cannons similar to the Attacker. Moreover, the aircraft seems to have a built-in life support system integrated into the fighter which allows a pilot to breathe without the use of a oxygen mask.

The Global Defender was originally equipped with deflector shields. However, this drains energy from the fusion drive and creates more drag during atmospheric flight.[1]

History Edit

The H-8 Global Defender was first introduced in August 2014. The ESD built it after successfully identifying anti-gravity components in the Attacker used in the War of 1996 granting the craft highly maneuverable VTOL abilities.

War of 2016 Edit

The Global Defender was the mainstay of Legacy Squadron.

Global Defenders participated in a failed assault on the Harvester Mothership. The H-8 participated in the defense of Area 51.

Gallery Edit


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