Harvester soldiers are the Harvesters' primary infantry unit.

Profession Edit

Harvester soldiers are hired by Queens to protect their Harvester fleets. They wear protective bio-suits that are 12ft. tall, and will do anything to protect their species. When a Harvester fleet attacks a planet, the Harvester soldiers enter the planet in Troop Transporters, and attack the citizens of their planet once they step off.

Bio-mechanical suits Edit

The Harvester soldiers in the War of 1996 have a different type of bio-suit, because if you were to look at the bio-suit in the original Independence Day film, you would notice that the legs in the original only have 3 joints, and the new soldiers have 4. You can also notice how the technology base changed, like how the new Harvester bio-suits have plasma guns attached to their body.

History Edit

War of 1996 Edit

When Steven Hiller and David Levinson were flying into the Colony mothership over Earth, they could see thousands or millions of soldiers preparing for an invasion. Of what we were able to see in Independence Day, one of the ships was a Troop Transporter, which had a triangular shape to it, with a rounded large sticking out the bottom, and had lines of Harvester soldiers boarding the shuttle, plus when Steven Hiller and David Levinson were escaping from the Colony ship you could see 4 of the exact same ships leaving the colony ship. The Harvester soldiers there died in the blast.

War of 2016 Edit

After the Earth Space Defense lost the battle to destroy the Queen's ship, these troops were tasked with finishing off any pilots who survived. However, the surviving unit held their breath and hid underwater while the Harvester soldiers were looking for any trespassers. After seeing no one, the Harvester soldiers left the area.

Several also assaulted Area 51 after the IDR Queen breached the ESD base. They had found the Sphere and attacked human soldiers, which also led to the death of Milton Isaacs, and Brackish Okun grieved about his death. However, they were shot to death by Okun, Dikembe Umbutu, and military guards, but the Queen was able to detect the Sphere shortly after the assault.

After the Queen's death, the Harvesters left on their Mothership back to their homeworld to find another Harvester Queen to lead their hive.


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