The Harvesters' homeworld is an unknown planet that is the home of the Harvesters. It just made its appearance in Independence Day: Dark Fathom.


Resistance-Harvester War Edit

The Harvesters were an extra-terrestrial threat that attacked countless homeworlds, and harvested their cores for advancement and survival. They did this with the Sphere's species, and other species as well. After that, the Sphere herself managed to rescue them in her own ship, and brought them to an unknown planet to teach them how to defeat the Harvesters once and for all. Together, they formed the Resistance.

Post-War of 1996 Edit

During the Congo Ground War, a distress message reached the Harvesters' home planet. The same Harvester Queen that sent her forces during the War of 1996 received the message, and left the Harvesters' homeworld, coming to Earth to avenge her lost colony.

War of 2016 Edit

After the defeat and death of the Harvester Queen, the Sphere granted humanity far more advanced technology, and they plan an assault on the Harvesters' homeworld.

Appearances Edit

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