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How I Saved the World was a book written by Julius Levinson, the father of David Levinson, about the events of the War of 1996 and Levinson's main source for the aliens' defeat (hence the name of the book).


The book recounts the events of the War of 1996, specifically from Julius Levinson's point-of-view. Julius also discussed about his and his family's backstory from his life in Brooklyn, David's marriage with Constance Spano, and to the events of 1996.

The book became an instant sensation until sales waned by 2016. Levinson later promoted his book on the morning TV show Its Early Albuquerque and discussed rumors of Hollywood making a film adaptation, which haven't been officially announced.


Behind the Scenes[]

As well as being a fictional book that exists within the Independence Day universe, the real-life How I Saved the World was released in 2016 to serve as a tie-in story to Independence Day: Resurgence.

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