Humans (homo sapiens sapiens; from latin, lit. wise wise man) are a race of intelligent sentient beings which evolved on Earth.


By the late 20th century nuclear weapons and satellites orbiting the Earth were develop for military and communication purposes and began learning more about the surrounding universe and had also develop basic space travel as well as landing on the Moon.

During July 1996, humanity learned that they were not alone in the universe as they were invaded by an extraterrestrial race seeking to harvest the planet's natural resources at the cost of wiping out human life. Although humanity was devastated by the invasion, they were able to recover and reverse-engineered alien technology into their own, and allowing them to becoming an advanced space-faring society, though still short of interstellar travel.

However, humanity was able to achieve FTL interstellar travel some time after the events of the War of 2016, albeit aided by the Sphere and its vast knowledge.

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