The Hybrid Blaster is a energy weapon designed and developed by the Earth Space Defense and reverse-engineered from Harvester technology.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the War of 1996, humanity began to examine Harvester technology to enhance their own. This eventually lead to the development of the the Hybrid Blaster which become the standard issue weapon of the Earth Space Defense.

Floyd Rosenberg and Dikembe Umbutu used Hybrid Blasters to defend Area 51 against the various Harvester Fighters and the Queen's ship, as well as aiding Brackish Okun in defending the Sphere. The Hybrid Blaster was also seen in the hands of Harvester prisoners who attempted to escape from Area 51. Okun took one up after his partner, Milton Isaacs was killed by the Harvesters and began killing the aliens in a fit of rage.

Overview[edit | edit source]

HTR-16 (Firing).jpg

The Hybrid Blaster is based on of both Human and Harvester technology to function. It fire bolts of highly concentrated blue plasma, unlike the Harvester's weapons, which fire a sickly green colored plasma bolt. The weapon has shown to have several fire modes, semi and full auto, and possibly also 3-round-burst.

Due to the Harvesters possessing a form of technopathic power over their own technology, they can utilize the Hybrid Blaster. It's effective against enemy targets, blasting holes into the target upon impact. It also comes complete with a carrying handle with tactical rail and can be outfitted with a pop-open scope.

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