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ID4 Online, known more formally as Independence Day Online, was an arena-based action game, released by Mythic Entertainment in 2000 and published by Centropolis Entertainment. The game was shut down in 2006 shortly after Electronic Arts bought Mythic Entertainment.[1]


A generation after the events in the movie, humans have studied the alien technology and made their own fleet of combat spaceships. Players can be either the aliens bent on conquering humanity, or the humans who want to expel the alien menace finally from our solar system after they made huge space bases near Earth from which to launch their attacks.[1]

Up to 30 players can battle it out in one match, with unlimited matches running at same time in the game. The space environment uses a 3D-accelerated engine and features a backdrop of Mars, the moon, Earth and other areas of the solar system. Players control their ship in first-person view and can thrust in any direction. Game modes include Team Kill where a team must get a certain number of kills before the other team, and Escort Match where players must protect a mining vessel as it transports much-needed ore to the team's space station.[1]