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Independence Day: Resurgence is a novelization of the movie of the same name, written by Alex Irvine and published by Titan Books.

Publisher's Summary[]

Hybrid fighters merging human and alien technology. Massive cannon emplacements on the Moon and Mars. A planetary defense force with the finest military personnel ever trained. For two decades we’ve known the enemy would return.

The nations of Earth have collaborated on a unified defense program designed to defend the planet. Yet nothing could prepare us for the immensity of their new assault, and only the courage and skill of a few brave men and women can hope to bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

Differences from the Film[]

The novelization includes many scenes from the original screenplay that were removed from the final theatrical release.

  • An alternate opening scene which features the wormhole causing the destruction of the moon base on Rhea.
  • President Lanford's abduction and death at the hands of the alien queen.
  • The alien queen did not immediately die from her wounds. Instead, David Levinson drives the school bus right into the queen's head, causing it to explode, while knocking the Sphere away from the queen's grasp.