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This article covers all the known goofs in the 2016 film Independence Day: Resurgence.


  • When trapped inside the mothership, Jake Morrison submerge himself in water to hide from the aliens, completely flattening his hair. In the next scene, he's completely dry and his hair is styled again.


  • Captain Dylan Hiller is wearing a Southwest Asia Service Medal on his USAF uniform, even though he was a toddler when the medal was last awarded, in 1995. He also wears an Iraq Campaign Medal, which is awarded to U.S. soldiers who fought in the Iraq War; however, the war never occurred in the ID4 universe.

Factual Errors[]

  • Doctor Okun wakes up after having been in a coma for 20 years, jumps out of bed and is able to walk, and run, as though nothing happened. A person in a coma for 20 years would have suffer from muscle atrophy and barely be able to speak, assuming they were capable of any movement at all.
  • When the aliens detonate an electromagnetic pulse that neutralized all the electrical systems on the ESD fighters, their radio equipment still functions.
  • Jake's "The weakness of a tornado is it's eye" remark is an incorrect statement, as a hurricane has an eye, not a tornado.

Geographic Errors[]

  • The Singapore police are heard making announcements in Chinese instead of Singapore's official language of English. The taxis are also incorrect - Singaporean taxis are blue, and are Right-Hand Drive vehicles, since Singaporean traffic travels on the left-hand side of the road. The taxis depicted in the film are Left-Hand Drive and so would not be used in Singapore. In addition, the geographic location of the Marina Bay Sands complex in relation to Singapore's financial district is inaccurate.