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Independence Day: War in the Desert is a 1999 novel written by Stephen Molstad. It is a midquel/sequel tie-in to Independence Day. The book was republished in The Complete Independence Day Omnibus in March 2016.

Publisher's Summary[]

It is the Fourth of July. Reeling from the enemy onslaught, a few surviving military pilots gather in the Saudi Arabian desert. Two of the best fliers, flight instructors Reg and Faisal, self-appointed leaders of the Saudi Forces, can barely contain their animosity when a message from the Americans forces them to unite.

A weak point has been found in the alien "City Destroyers." The air war against them was costly--but it worked!...Or did it? Too late, Reg and Faisal discover their "victory" was an illusion--part of a secret ambush that will open the planet to unimaginable horror, unless these overmatched warriors from several Middle Eastern nations can overcome long-standing hatreds and unite against the aliens in the fiercest hand-to-hand combat of the war.


The novel is set in the Middle East on July 2-6. On the first day, Reg Cummins, a R.A.F. pilot, witnesses the destruction of Jerusalem by a City Destroyer.