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Independence Day is a novelization of the movie of the same name. The novel was authored by Stephen Molstad, Dean Devlin, and Roland Emmerich. The book was republished in The Complete Independence Day Omnibus in March 2016.

Publisher's Summary[]

Two days before Independence Day, the skies look as if they are on fire. All satellite communications are interrupted, as fear grips the cities of the world. When the skies return to normal, it becomes clear that a force of incredible magnitude has arrived on Earth. Its mission: to eliminate all human life on the planet.

Differences from the film[]

The novelization of Independence Day contained several differences compared to the film version.

  • Several landmarks that were targeted by the City Destroyers are different; the Washington Monument and Central Park are targets of the DC and New York ships.
  • The SETI Chief is depicted as a woman named Beulah Shore.
  • Albert Nimziki is depicted to be more conniving and despicable in which he actively tries to portray Whitmore as weak and indecisive during a crisis, and is more focus with his political career and legacy.
  • Jimmy Wilder is named Jimmy Franklin.
  • Thomas Whitmore acknowledge that Area 51 is a real place but assures Julius that it has no flying saucers or alien bodies.
  • Russell Casse's alien abduction is strongly implied to have happen, as his memories of the aliens resembles to the invaders.
  • The original scene where Russell flies his biplane into the City Destroyer is included. The novel was written before the biplane scene was changed in the final film.


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