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The Sequel!

Finally, a name to go with the wait!

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The original 1996 blockbuster

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The Aliens

The Aliens - what do we know?

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The Characters

Read more, and help us elaborate

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The Ultimate Doomer The Ultimate Doomer 11 November 2019

Independence Day DVD Transfer Comparison (10 images)

In 2016, a new "20th Anniversary Edition" of ID4 was released on Blu-ray and DVD.  This edition advertises itself as a "newly restored edition".  Since I now own this edition on DVD, I did a comparis…

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Gillan1220 Gillan1220 4 August 2018


What would become of the situation in Afghanistan which in a state of civil war between the Taliban and Massoud? I know Kabul was targeted but the Taliban didn't capture it until OTL September 27, 19…

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Armaxilump Armaxilump 21 July 2016

I need you help to build World of Jetix

I need cast for World of Jetix, because is a new movie based on Jetix channel, with need you help to maked the real theater movie, but remember, you need created any pictures for World of Jetix. Foll…

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