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Iraq is a country located in the Middle East, bordering Iran and Kuwait.


Gulf War[]

Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussein, who led the Baathist party. In August 1990, Iraq invaded oil rich Kuwait, triggering the Gulf War. Iraqi military forces were driven out of Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm in February 1991 and a UN no-fly zone was established in the nation.

War of 1996[]

During the War of 1996, a City Destroyer was first spotted by a group of nomads traveling over the northern Iraqi deserts and subsequently destroying Baghdad. During the July 4th counteroffensive, Iraqi Air Force pilots worked together with Syrian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Israeli and British pilots, intercepted a City Destroyer from destroying Mecca.[1]


Behind the scenes[]

  • All the Iraq scenes in Independence Day were film in Wendover, Utah.


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