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Jiang Lao (died July 4, 2016) was the Earth Space Defense Commander of the ESD Moon Base.


Post War of 1996[]

Following the War of 1996, Jiang Lao's brother Lei Lao was killed in the July 4th counteroffensive, and became the guardian of his niece Rain Lao. Jiang was in charge of the astronautics division of the People's Liberation Army Air Force, which was focused on reverse-engineering alien technology before he was later promoted into the Earth Space Defense. But due to his amount of work, Jiang left Rain to be raised with a family friend.

Jiang later heard from Rain again when he learned that she had hijacked a biplane and illegally entered unauthorized airspace over the ruins of Wuhan. He did favors to keep Rain away from a prison sentence and instead arranged for her to enroll in the ESD Academy. Although he saw her enrollment to the ESD as a disciplinary measure, Rain knew that he was actually proud of her.

Jiang oversaw the development of China's hybrid space vessels and the Chinese colonization of the Moon. He was acquainted with USMC pilot Steven Hiller, who came to China as a technical advisor, and arranged a meeting with his niece, who is a fan of Hiller.

Following the establishment of the ESD Moon Base in 2009, Jiang was appointed as the base's commander.

War of 2016[]

During the upcoming 20th anniversary of War of 1996, Jiang welcomed Legacy Squadron and Rain to the Moon Base. When an unknown alien spaceship suddenly appeared on the Moon, Jiang was given the order by the UN Security Council to shoot down the vessel. On the very day of the celebrations, the Moon Base came under attack by the return of the aliens. After futilely trying to harm the Harvester Mothership, Jiang ordered a complete evacuation and was ultimately killed when the Mothership destroyed the base.