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Khalid Yamani is a Saudi Air Force pilot who fought in the War of 1996.



Khalid is the son of one of the richest and most influential men in Saudi society. Because of his charming, good-natured habits and rich background, Khalid was enamored with Western habits and attended parties, most of which are behind closed doors where upper-class Saudis dressed in Western-style clothing and drinking alcohol.

He spent his high school years in Houston, Texas, while his father bought and reorganized an oil company there. But despite of his progressive attitude, he is unappreciative of his more progressive sister Fadeela and generally all forward-thinking Saudi women.

He trained under British instructor Reginald Cummins. He was regarded as the worst student Cummins tried to teach due to being easily distracted and sometime reckless, but saw him as one of his favorites because of his personality; Khalid even invited Cummins to his off-base parties. Despite this, Khalid was promoted to the advanced tactical fighter school due to his father's connections.

Khalid fought in the Gulf War. He came to early blows with Ghalil Faisal for falsifying his accounts of destroying Iraqi bombers entering Saudi airspace when in fact it was only a few fighter jets. However, Khalid's superiors forbid him to speak about it so he would not embarrass the Saudi military.

War of 1996[]

During the alien invasion of 1996, Khalid and his family were stationed at an abandoned oil-drilling station in the Rub' al Khali. By coincidence, Khalid was surprised and happy to reunite with Cummins.

Khalid participated in the July 4th counterattack in which he defended Mecca from a City Destroyer. Prior to the battle, Khalid and many Saudi pilots were ordered by their commander Ghalil Faisal to attack the City Destroyer minutes before the proposed time for the counterattack. Fortunately, Khalid was convinced by Cummins to disobeyed the order after the latter exposed Faisal's cowardice.


Following the counterattack, Khalid and Cummins planned to expose Ghalil Faisal for his crimes. However, Faisal framed Khalid for false accusation and of cowardice for disobeying his orders during the battle. Khalid was immediately arrested and made to stand on trial.