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Matthew Travis is a U.S. Secret Service agent who was assigned to guard former U.S. President Thomas Whitmore.


Agent Travis served on Thomas Whitmore's security detail for almost four years looking after the former President's well being after he became mentally ill from his telepathic contact with an alien during the War of 1996. Although many view less of Whitmore's security and more of a "babysitting job," Travis did not mind this and was proud to serve the man who spearheaded the resistance in the War of 1996.[1]

He continued to serve in this role until the second invasion of 2016, during which the Earth Space Defense realized that their depleted resources meant that their best chance of success was for a human pilot to take a tug loaded with fusion missiles on a kamikaze assault to the Harvester Queen's ship. Whitmore volunteered for this role, reasoning that he was the most expendable person available, but his daughter Patricia asked Travis to prevent her father from doing it so that she could take the role herself. Faced with these two orders, Travis ultimately conceded to Whitmore's request to take on this duty when Whitmore appealed to him, not as a former president, but as a friend and a father, to allow him to pilot the tug to save his daughter's life.