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Captain McQuaide was the captain of the salvage ship Alison.


On July 4, 2016, McQuaide was in the middle of salvaging a World War II-era freighter off the Maldives that was suspected of holding gold. Unfortunately the salvaging operation was interrupted by the return of the aliens. By happenstance McQuaide and his ship was near where the mothership is firing its beam into the center of the Earth.

When word reached to the crew of the Alison of Earth's impending doom, McQuaide brought out the liquors to himself and his crew. Soon afterwards, McQuaide was contacted by the Earth Space Defense and paid for a hundred million dollars to monitor the mothership's progress as the Alison was the only vessel close to the epicenter. After the aliens were repelled from Earth, McQuaide celebrated by knowing not only humanity is saved but he and his crew are also made rich.