Miguel Casse was the eldest son of Russell Casse.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Miguel took responsibility in taking care of his family after the death of his mother. Because of his responsibility, Miguel had an estranged relationship with Russell due to his father's post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism and eccentric antics.

During the arrival of the aliens in 1996, Miguel learned from the news that Russell was arrested for trying to warn the public about the aliens, and, already having enough of his father, decided not to help him and planned to leave with his family without him. However, Russell was released earlier and stayed with their family.

Miguel and his family joined a group of refugees and took shelter in Area 51. During the counterstrike against the aliens, Russell volunteered in the fight while Miguel and his siblings retreated into the base from the aliens' attack. Miguel was present in the control room to hear Russell's announcement to launch a suicide attack on the City Destroyer to save everyone and telling his children that he loves them. Miguel was dismayed over Russell's death, but thinks better of him, appreciating Major Mitchell assuring him that his father was a brave man.

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