Mike Dodge
Mike Dodge portrait
Biographical Information
Residence(s): Imperial Valley
Career Information
Profession: Mechanic
Family Information
Played by: Randy Oglesby
First appearance: Independence Day

Mike Dodge was a mechanic living in Imperial Valley.


Mike Dodge was among the locals who knew and mocked cropduster Russell Casse for his claims of being abducting by aliens.

On July 2nd, 1996, Dodge and his friends came across Russell in a diner. Having been aware of Russell's earlier mishap for dusting the wrong field, Dodge recalls Russell's "hostage experience" with aliens and mean spiritedly asking if the aliens did "sexual things to you." Soon after, a City Destroyer passed over the diner and Imperial Valley as Dodge and everyone stared it in shock.

As the world was gripped by the aliens' arrival, Dodge and his friend Stoney Jackson appear on a local TV news when they are interviewed about Russell's arrest for papering city hall with leaflets. The two claimed that they are "friends" of Russell and Dodge repeated his earlier claims that "the aliens abused [Russell]. Sexually."

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