National Republic of Umbutu
RNU 24.png
Type Dictatorship (formerly)
Partial Democracy
Location Central Africa
Capital Unknown
Head(s) of State Upanga Umbutu (1996-2014)
Dikembe Umbutu (2014-present)

The National Republic of Umbutu (French: Republique Nationale d'Umbutu) is a Central African nation that was founded in the wake of the War of 1996. The country was formerly a province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is not internationally recognized as a legitimate nation.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Umbutu was founded on the only place on Earth where an alien City Destroyer landed and attempted to drill into the Earth's core. The drilling stopped during the July 4th counterattack when the Harvester Mothership was destroyed. Shortly after the invasion Central Africa was among many regions that were left greatly disarrayed. The charismatic Upanga Umbutu saw this as an advantage to turn his province into a self-independent nation, the so-called National Republic of Umbutu.

The early years of Umbutu's founding was spent waging a decade-long ground war against the alien survivors that landed in the country while refusing foreign aid. Upanga immediately established an isolationist policy due to his distrust towards foreign countries who may try to exploit Umbutu, most especially of the derelict alien ship which Upanga declared it to be property of the state. The world's governments, including the Earth Space Defense, tentatively refused to intervene in Umbutu without being seen by the public as a colonizing force and generating distrusts.[1]

Within a span of ten years, Umbutu forces managed to eradicate the aliens after the invaders, for reasons unknown, became increasingly aimless. In spite of the country's victory it was still in shambles. Upanga continued to uphold his nation's isolationism in which he turned away medicine and food from aid organizations, and rejected reconciliation from the old central government. Citizens were forbidden from leaving the country on pain of death.[1] Umbutu was further deteriorated when Upanga became mad due to his exposure to the aliens' psychic assaults during the war and established a death cult that caused an untold number of people being murdered. In 2014, Upanga's reign of tyranny came to an end when the Umbutu people rallied behind Upanga's son, Dikembe Umbutu, and was killed by his personal advisor.[1]

Dikembe succeeded his father and made some progress in improving his nation despite its turbulent state following Upanga's death. In July 2016, Dikembe uplifted his nation's isolationism and summoned Dr. Catherine Marceaux and ESD Director David Levinson to investigate the derelict City Destroyer, which had suddenly activated.[2]

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