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New York City, often referred to simply as New York, is a large city on the East Coast of the United States of America. It was the most populous city in the United States prior to its destruction in the War of 1996. It was home to the headquarters of the United Nations.


New York City was one of three major U.S. cities targeted and destroyed during the opening barrages of the War of 1996. The city's famous landmarks were either severely damaged or completely destroyed, such as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building (which was the primary landmark targeted by the City Destroyer), the U.N. Headquarters, and the iconic Statue of Liberty, which toppled into New York Harbor.[1]

The attack destroyed the entirety of Manhattan, most of Brooklyn, vast parts of Queens and The Bronx, parts of New Jersey and as far as Staten Island. Only a few hundred people, mainly those in deep sections of the city's subway system, survived the devastation.[1] After the invasion, reconstruction of New York began in 1997 and was rebuilt by approximately 2010.[2][3]


Arrival of the City Destroyers[]

Destruction of New York City[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The smoky effects of the alien spacecraft as it moves into position above New York City (starts about 22 minutes 44 seconds into the movie) was created by a double exposure on the film. The effect comes from recording water in a tank turning murky after a clod of dirt was dropped into it.
  • The Manhattan scenes were shot on location in New York during a heat wave in August 1995, with multiple choreographed car crashes and up to three hundred extras.[4]
  • The post-destruction aftermath shot was involved with more than thirty layers of elements, including live action plates, a foreground miniature Statue of Liberty, forced-perspective building cutouts, dozens of smoke and fire elements and multiple scales of the alien destroyer model.
  • Ironically, considering the events of the September 11 terrorist attack occurring five years in our timeline after the War of 1996, the Twin Towers were the only buildings relatively intact after the destruction of New York City; albeit heavily damaged.
  • In the novelization, Central Park was the target of the City Destroyer rather than the Empire State Building.


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