Orbital Defense System
Orbital defense system
Item statistics
Type Orbitial weapon
Effects Powerful energy beam
Source City Destroyer cannon technology
Use Planetary defense
"...and these orbiting units, which have a big punch to them."

David Levinson talks about the ODS in "The War of 1996 - A United World News Special"

The ESD Orbital Defense System was a set of orbiting units equipped with an attack system based on the technology of the City Destroyer cannons, that are positioned around the Earth. Along with the ESD Moon Base, it represented the first line of defense of the planet.

Functioning Edit

The defense system form two rings (longitude and latitude) around the Earth. They are controlled remotely from Earth's control centers and defense. Their weapon, just like that of the City Destroyer, is enclosed by some doors. In the attack phase, the doors open and a beam is pointed against the enemy object. It then begins a countdown of ten seconds, in which the units charge their energy, before opening fire.

History Edit

...initiate the Orbital Defense System!

—President Elizabeth Lanford gives the order to use the ODS.

When the Harvester Mothership destroys the ESD Moon Base and begins to approach Earth's atmosphere, U.S. President Elizabeth Lanford orders to initiate the Orbital Defense System. The control center on Earth activates the orbiting units and General Joshua T. Adams gives the order to start the simultaneous countdown: the units charges the energy and prepares to fire, but the Harvester Mothership destroys them with laser bursts before they can shoot.


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