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The People's Republic of China, locally known as China, is a unitary one-party sovereign state located in East Asia. It is governed by the Communist Party of China. China is one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and one of the founders of the Earth Space Defense.


War of 1996[]

During the War of 1996, mainland China was hit hard in the conflict in which a large number of cities were destroyed only next to the United States. Following the July 4th counteroffensive, the vast majority of the Chinese leadership were killed in the attacks and were replaced by younger, less experienced successors.

Post War of 1996[]

The new Chinese government made drastic policy changes in coming to terms with the aftermath such as abolishing China's one-child policy to compensate the huge loss of the Chinese population.[1]

The Chinese government was hesitant to join the Earth Space Defense initiative due to several concerns such as the territorial status of Tibet, which saw a resurgence of violent Tibetan separatism, and Taiwan. However, in February 1999, U.S. President Thomas Whitmore and David Levinson managed to reach a compromise with President Qian and the Central Committee by allowing China to owning portions of the Moon in exchange for joining the ESD.[1]

Within a decade, China was technologically ahead in reverse-engineering alien technology, specifically on transport and heavy lifting technology which were used for transporting materiel to the Moon to construct the ESD Moon Base.[1]

In 2009, Beijing (renamed as New Beijing) became the command center of the ESD Moon Base from Earth.


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