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Project Smudge was a collective of elite figures from the United States military and intelligence communities who were secretly entrusted with the knowledge of extraterrestrial life.


Project Smudge was formed in the wake of the Roswell incident in 1947 and devoted in the research of alien technology and analyzing the possibilities of an extraterrestrial threat posed to Earth.

However, Project Smudge was plagued by inter-agency rivalry which had crippled the government's research into UFOs, and most of the members were skeptical to the idea of an imminent alien invasion. Instead, Project Smudge was mainly focus on keeping the public ignorant of alien life in order to prevent mass panic, and using secrecy to gain advantage over the Soviet Union in the Cold War.[1] Furthermore, the members feared the political repercussions if their conspiracy were publicly exposed even if they were committed to warn the world of a possible alien invasion.[2]

In 1972, during the wake of the Watergate scandal, Project Smudge was formally dissolved over fears of a possibility that the conspiracy would face exposure through congressional investigation. Albert Nimziki of the CIA consolidated the project's programs under his observation.[2]

Known members[]

  • Dr. Insolo - Science and Technology Directorate, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Deputy Director Albert Nimziki - Central Intelligence Agency
  • "Bishop" Jim Ostrom
  • Mr. Jenkins - Domestic Collections Division, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Dr. Podsedecki - National Security Agency
  • Colonel Bud Spelman - Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Dr. Immanuel Wells