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The Sphere's species were a highly advanced race that traded their biological existence for a virtual one. Their planet was attacked by the Harvesters, and the Sphere was the only survivor. The actual name of this species is currently unknown.


A millennia ago, the Sphere's species took on digital forms over their biological forms. At some point they came into conflict with the Harvesters and, despite possessing advanced technologies that rivals the Harvesters, were ultimately wiped out and their home planet was destroyed. Only one survivor escaped the destruction of its people and travelled through space.

The survivor rescued other alien species from the Harvesters' onslaught and took these survivors to an uninhabited Earth-like planet, where they worked together to build weapons to defeat the Harvesters.


The Sphere's species, in their virtual forms, were giant grey-white spheres, with a white line in the middle. The red line will be enclosed when it is deactivated. However, what they looked like in their original biological forms is unknown.

Due to their artificial form, they can speak and understand the languages of other races, and possibly the Harvesters as well. They can also project holograms to help themselves communicate. The species emits a very powerful radio-frequency radiation.