The Sphere's species
The Sphere herself, the only survivor of her species.
Physical Description
Height 10 ft.
Weight Possibly 5 tons
Distinctions Can turn themselves into robots with a white dash across the middle
Variants Sphere (sole survivor)
Other Information
Other Names None.
Homeworld Sphere's homeworld
Creator Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich
Designer Patrick Watburton

The Sphere's species were a highly advanced race that traded their biological existence for a virtual one. Their planet was attacked by the Harvesters, and the Sphere was the only survivor.

History Edit

Some thousands of years ago, the Harvesters, led by their Queens, presented themselves as a threat to the universe itself. The Harvesters attacked the Sphere's species. The attacked species defended themselves from the Harvesters, but they were no match for them. The Sphere's species was all but gone, and the Sphere herself was the sole survivor.

Since then, the Sphere managed to rescue other alien species from the Harvesters' onslaught. She placed them in an uninhabited Earth-like planet, which would eventually become the center of their resistance. There, she has taught the alien races how to defeat the Harvesters once and for all.

Physiology Edit

Rank and Position Edit

Little is known about this species' position in their race. However, it was revealed that the Sphere herself was an ambassador, which could be the second-to-highest ranking in her species.

Armory and Protection Edit

The Sphere's species were able to travel around and fly quickly in order to escape enemies such as the Harvesters. However, the Sphere may have been the quickest in her species, which could be the reason why she was able to escape. However, not much is known about their weaponry.

Appearance and Communication Edit

The Sphere's species, in their virtual forms, were giant grey-white spheres, with a white line in the middle. The red line will be enclosed when it is deactivated. However, what they looked like in their biological forms is unknown.

They can speak most languages, including the languages of other extra-terrestrials, and possibly the Harvesters as well. They can also use holograms to help themselves communicate. However, their species has a "signature" that can be detected to show where they are, which the IDR Harvester Queen used to find the Sphere herself in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Trivia Edit

  • The actual name of this species is currently unknown.

Gallery Edit

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