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Director Strain was the first Director of the ESD and overseer of Area 51.


While serving under U.S. President Lucas Jacobs, Strain was pressured by the administration to making progress in hybrid technology. Driven by America's post-War of 1996 economic burden and fearing the public's loss of confidence in the ESD, Strain arranged for a test flight of a hybrid jet in the 2007 ESD Spring Expo while disregarding the safety issues of the new technology.

Strain's planning was opposed by David Levinson, who urged him to delay the test flight until the aircraft is properly safe. Strain ignored Levinson's warnings and barred him from the project. However, Levinson's warnings was proven when the jet carrying Steven Hiller exploded on its flight.

In the wake of the accident, the Jacobs administration scapegoated Strain for the disaster in which he willingly resigned from his post, which is then fulfilled by David Levinson.