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The Complete Independence Day Omnibus is a single-volume edition which collects the first three novels Independence Day, Independence Day: Silent Zone, and Independence Day: War in the Desert. It is published by Titan Books on March 29, 2016.[1]

Publisher's Summary[]

Independence Day
Two days before Independence Day, the skies look as if they are on fire. All satellite communications are interrupted, as fear grips the cities of the world. When the skies return to normal, it becomes clear that a force of incredible magnitude has arrived on Earth. Its mission: to eliminate all human life on the planet.

Independence Day: Silent Zone
In the official prequel to Independence Day, Dr Brackish Okun, head scientist of Area 51, begins to suspect that a massive government cover-up has successfully buried all evidence of alien visitation throughout the years--a cover-up in which Okun is now an unwilling participant.

Independence Day: War in the Desert
It is the fourth of July. Reeling from the enemy onslaught, a few surviving military pilots gather in the Saudi Arabian desert. Two of the best fliers discover that their recent "victory" was an illusion--part of a secret ambush that will open the planet to unimaginable horror, unless several Middle Eastern nations can overcome long-standing hatreds and unite against the aliens in the fiercest hand-to-hand combat of the war.