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Wing Commander Thomson was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot who fought in the War of 1996.


Shortly prior to the invasion, Thomson was preparing to transfer from Cyprus as the base was closing. However, he was instead reassigned to deliver a Panavia Tornado alongside thirty-nine others to Kuwait. While in transit near Haifa, Thomson and the other pilots were forced in a holding pattern after Israel denied their entry into their airspace as violence had broken out between Israel and several Arab states. They would be safely escorted by Squadron Leader Reginald Cummins to Khamis Moushalt Airfield while passing through the City Destroyer hovering over Jerusalem. There, Thomson and the others witnessed the holy city's destruction by the aliens. Soon, Thomson's group came under attack by alien attackers in which only he and three others survived and escaped.

Thomson, Cummins, and the other surviving pilots along with Middle Eastern pilots resumed to Khamis Moushalt but only to be diverted to Rub' al Khali as alien attackers fell on the base. They would eventually find shelter at an oil-drilling station manned by the Saudi military. At the makeshift camp, tension was brewing between the international pilots such as the Israelis and Iranians in which Thomson managed to prevent a fight from breaking out while speaking in atrocious Arabic from a phrase book. When peace was temporarily restored, an Iranian pilot pointed out to Thomson that none of the pilots spoke Arabic and that Thomson's accent was horrible.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In Independence Day: War in the Desert, Thomson had a photograph of himself, President Thomas Whitmore, and the Italian Prime Minister.