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"So pretty."
Tiffany's last words.

Tiffany was an exotic dancer, and a friend of Jasmine Dubrow. She was killed in the War of 1996 during a misguided attempt to welcome the aliens.


Prior to the War of 1996, Tiffany previously went to Las Vegas looking for a job. Due to poor choices, she failed to get the job, and lost her money from gambling.

Tiffany was one of many UFO fanatics who ecstatically responded to the 1996 arrival of the aliens. She planned to join with the fanatics on top of the U.S. Bank Tower to greet the visitors. Although Jasmine tried to discourage her from going, Tiffany did not heed her warnings and lied to her, saying, "I promise."

She then went to the very rooftop of the Bank Tower along with the other fanatics to get the aliens' attention from the City Destroyer, but not in the way she expected. She is last seen screaming just before the City Destroyer destroyed the building, having realized only then that the ship was preparing to fire.



Behind the Scenes[]

  • Ironically, the junior novelization revealed that Tiffany felt guilty about breaking her promise and decided to leave the party, but then the ship started opening up.'