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Zuberi was the military advisor of Upanga Umbutu of the National Republic of Umbutu.


Zuberi was a childhood friend of Upanga's son Dikembe Umbutu. During and after the War of 1996, Zuberi was made colonel. For the next several months Zuberi fought alongside with the national army against the invaders. One day, he along with Dikembe and Bakari were captured by the invaders. Zuberi was later freed by the aliens and allowed to warn Upanga of his sons' capture in order to bring him to be kill by the aliens. The aliens' trap failed, but Upanga loss the life of Bakari. Zuberi continued to fight the aliens until their complete eradication.

Zuberi endured the years of repression imposed by Upanga. After Dikembe's failed attempt to overthrow his father, Zuberi captured Dikembe and turned him over to Upanga. However, Zuberi later broke Dikembe free as Upanga had planned to kill his childhood friend despite pleading for sparing Dikembe's life. Zuberi provided Dikembe an opportunity to escape the nation. But Dikembe instead decided to confront his father.

Despite of Zuberi lying about his role in Dikembe's escape, Upanga doubted his words and had sent his soldiers to monitor his family to make certain of his loyalty. Zuberi was present with Upanga when they confronted Dikembe and a large number of people backing the latter. A tense argument ensued in which Upanga then ordered Zuberi to kill Dikembe. Instead, Zuberi turned his gun on Upanga and fatally shot him before he was gunned down by Upanga's soldiers.